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Graphic Design

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Are you ready for website design that converts? Our team of skilled SEO specialists, website designers, and developers will support you in thriving in the digital age. We offer the ideal solution to meet your objectives, whether they are related to graphic design, social media management, website development, or films.

We provide specialized solutions that are precisely in line with your business objectives thanks to our creative approach and extensive technological knowledge. Since every project is different, we collaborate closely with you to identify your website design needs and go above and beyond your expectations.

Website Design

Our area of expertise is designing mobile-friendly websites that draw in and interact with specific audiences. In addition to website design and development, we also provide website optimization and upkeep.

Brand identity

With the help of our extensive branding services, create a timeless and recognizable brand for your industry. Together, you and our team of professionals will develop a new logo, color scheme, and brand tone.


The e-commerce website design package, is made to adapt and increase conversions, may be used to sell, generate, and drive qualified leads. Make your online sales process more efficient by using our e-commerce platform.


With our all-inclusive SEO services, you may increase the traffic to your well designed website and increase traffic to it. Our team of professionals will put into practice a plan that raises your online visibility and enhances search engine rankings.

Video Editing

 We create captivating video material for social media, website design, and marketing. From design to final edit, our team takes care of everything, producing eye-catching images that connect with your target audience and provide outcomes.

Social Media Marketing

Use our all-inclusive social media management services to increase your online visibility. Our services include social media account creation and management, content strategy development, and platform-wide brand consistency.

Our Process

The Data-driven approach to Website Design

Market Analysis

We provide an in-depth analysis of your position in the digital market relative to your competitors. With our extensive knowledge and cutting-edge techniques, we can ensure a quick and insightful examination prior to engaging in website design.

Digital Strategy

We’ve handled a ton of campaigns and examined a ton of impressions, so we know a lot about what works and what doesn’t in the world of website design and digital marketing. There are certain keys to driving engagement and building recognition.

Brand Standard

Give us a chance to help you create eye-catching visual designs for your website and social media pages. Using our extensive network of top design studios, we can create images that accurately capture the essence of your company.

Campaign Management

Give our experts control over your next campaign to ensure its success. We will oversee every step of the process, from the beginning stages of planning to the final implementation. We move forward based off of data not feelings.

A-B Testing

We gather an incredible amount of data about social media and online marketing that provides us with key insights of your work that points out possible campaign paths. This allows us to promote and drive accurate engagement.

Data-Driven Decisions

We also have experience developing specialized social media plans. We will use the finest First World social media marketing techniques to assist you in connecting with your target audience and increase conversions.

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Website Design

Frequently asked 

website design questions

Do you have questions about our Cape Town based Website Design Services? Check out our FAQ’s and reach out to us if you have more questions.

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    How long does it take to design a website?

    The time it takes to build a website varies depending on size and complexity. A basic website could potentially take 2-4 weeks to develop, while larger sites with custom features can take longer. We have to discuss your needs and then we will be able to provide you with a timeline.

    What types of websites can you design?

    We are capable of creating websites that suit most businesses’ needs provided that there is enough of a budget, these websites include but are not limited to blogs, e-commerce platforms, business profiles, portfolio sites, and more. Bear in mind that certain website consist of thousands of pages.

    Will the website be mobile-friendly?

    Yes, we have a standard and are well aware that majority of internet users browse the internet on their cellphones. Therefore, all websites developed by us are designed with responsive design principles.

    How much does a website cost?

    To get a quote for your web project, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, so that we may provide you with a customized proposal.

    How much does a web page cost?

    If you would like to get a ballpark figure together for a basic website then a good rule of thumb is that a basic web page from us without any custom features or SEO work costs R500. However, this price excludes the setup and web server preparation costs.

    How do I contact Elf Sites?

    Programmers are mysterious creatures who often stow away from social interaction and hide under tables when their phones ring. However, there’s a form to the left, please fill in your details and one of our friendly consultants will be in touch shortly. 

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